Wheelwright Wheelwright

Software for tensioning bicycle wheels


Wheelwright 0.1.3 is available for download.

Questions? Suggestions?

Send requests for help to kris@biciworks.com.

You can also open an issue at tracker.


Report generation methods.

pdf(code, tension, accuracy, kgf0, kgf1, figure, filename)[source]

Write report as PDF file.

Parameters :
  • code: TM-1 spoke code index
  • target: Target tension [kgf]
  • accuracy: Target accuracy [0.0, 1.0]
  • kgf0: Tension for spoke set 0 [kgf]
  • kgf1: Tension for spoke set 1 [kgf]
  • figure: Path to spoke tension image filename
  • filename: Report output filename