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Software for tensioning bicycle wheels


Wheelwright 0.1.3 is available for download.

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Park TM-1 tension meter data library and parameter fitting.

class TM1(code)[source]

Bases: object

TM-1 instrument object.


Convert TM-1 reading to tension [kgf].

Parameters :
  • x: TM-1 reading
Returns :

Tension [kgf].


Polynomial fit of TM-1 tension data.

Parameters :
  • order: Polynomial order
Returns :

Polynomial coefficients and relative error.

plot(axes, target, accuracy)[source]

Plot TM-1 data and polynomial fit.

Parameters :
  • axes: Matplotlib axes
  • target: Target tension [kgf]
  • accuracy: Target accuracy [0.0, 1.0]
tm1_target(target, accuracy)[source]

Determine valid range of TM-1 readings around tension target.

Parameters :
  • target: Target tension [kgf]
  • accuracy: Target accuracy [0.0, 1.0]
Returns :

TM-1 target, minimum, and maximum readings.


Data from TM-1 Tension Meter Conversion Table.

Parameters :
  • code: TM-1 spoke code index
Returns :

TM-1 reading and corresponding tension [kgf].

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