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Software for tensioning bicycle wheels

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Using Wheelwright


Binary distributions

Stand-alone, easy-to-install binary distributions for various architectures are available to download.

Source installation

If you have Python you can install Wheelwright into your local site-packages.


Wheelwright depends on the following Python packages.

Of these, NumPy and PyQt4 are probably the most difficult. Help on installing NumPy and Matplotlib for different operating systems is in the Matplotlib installation guide. Binary packages for PyQt4 are available from Riverbank.

However you manage it, once you have NumPy and PyQt4 working:

easy_install wheelwright

should do the rest. This will find Wheelwright and the remaining dependencies from the Python Package Index.

Use the wheelwright command to start the application.

Development repository

The latest development source is available in a Mercurial repository:

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/biciworks/wheelwright