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Software for tensioning bicycle wheels

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Wheelwright is a Python PyQt4 package that visualizes the tension in a bicycle wheel. It helps you build, repair, or maintain bicycle wheels by showing the tension of each spoke in relation to the target tension desired for the rim.


To use Wheelwright, you need to have some tools and basic knowledge of wheelbuilding.


  • Tension meter
  • Truing stand (recommended)

Currently only Park Tool’s TM-1 tension meter is supported. Hopefully, tension meters from other manufacturers will be added in future releases.

A truing stand isn’t required, but it will make things easier.


The more you know about wheelbuilding the more you can get out of Wheelwright.

  • Measuring spokes
  • Lacing a wheel
  • Truing a wheel in both the lateral and radial directions
  • Dishing a wheel

These topics are beyond the scope of this manual, but you will find lots of information online. Sheldon Brown and John Allen’s Wheelbuilding guide is a good place to start.